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Estate Planning

Massachusetts Attorneys Planning for the Future

At different times in life, responsible financial planning for the future means different things. It can mean saving for a college education, for a home or for retirement. When financial planning means preparing for long-term care or passing on assets to loved ones, we can help. At the Law Offices of Moir & Ross, located in Westfield, Massachusetts, we are devoted to the estate planning needs of our clients.

Estate Planning

Many people don’t initially realize that estate planning is more than just creating a will. A complete estate plan may include trusts, powers of attorney, health care directives and long-term care planning. At the Law Offices of Moir & Ross, we can help you with a wide range of these matters, custom-tailoring our approach to your specific needs.

Nursing Home and Health Care Planning

The costs of long-term care facilities and nursing homes can be prohibitive. At the Law Offices of Moir & Ross, we know that our clients have worked hard throughout their lives, so we work hard to make sure that their wealth is preserved when long-term care is required. We know that asset protection is important ― hard-earned property can be passed on to loved ones in the future instead of being handed over to Medicaid or the nursing home.

Many families don’t understand that legal solutions exist to protect assets from MassHealth and Medicaid. At the Law Offices of Moir & Ross, we talk with our clients about their options and we help them to take actions, like creating trusts, to make sure that their hard work pays off.

Are you worried about protecting and preserving your assets? Talk to our experienced lawyers about your estate planning, nursing home and health care planning options. Our law office is available by calling 413-568-1957  to schedule a free and confidential consultation.