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Motor Vehicle Accidents

Westfield Lawyers Helping Car Accident Victims

In Massachusetts, many accidents occur each year due to high speeds, negligent drivers and dangerous conditions that can exist on roads like the Mass Pike. If you have been injured in a car accident, talk to an experienced lawyer at the Westfield, Massachusetts, Law Offices of Moir & Ross. We can help you to take action and recover the compensation you deserve.

Car accidents can take a huge toll on their victims. In addition to the physical pain of injuries like broken bones, spinal cord injuries and brain trauma, there are often expensive medical bills and missed work. Although Massachusetts is a no-fault state, where your own insurance often covers some medical bills and lost wages, injuries often cause damages well beyond the limits of your no-fault insurance benefits. In these cases, talking to the lawyers at the Law Offices of Moir & Ross can be the first step to moving forward with your life and getting the compensation your need.

At Moir & Ross, we focus on pragmatic solutions. We know that insurance companies are tough, and often begin preparing their cases from the moment the accident occurs. We understand that we have to be tough as well, so we offer unyielding legal representation in personal injury and wrongful death cases, making sure that our clients get full and fair compensation for their motor vehicle accidents:

  • Car accidents: Property damage resulting from a car accident can be deceiving. A rear-end collision at 50 mph may yield little damage depending on the vehicle. However, the force of such an impact can cause serious internal and external damage to the driver or passengers. We fight to recover full compensation for our clients injured in rollovers, side impacts, head-on crashes and single vehicle auto accidents.
  • Trucking accidents: Due to the amount of commercial liability imposed on trucking companies, their insurance companies begin an extensive investigation immediately after a truck crash. We employ resources to thoroughly investigate the tractor trailer accident as well, exposing truck driver negligence, such as speeding, driver fatigue, and other negligence. In addition, we examine negligent hiring and training practices of the commercial truck company following semi truck accidents and 18 wheeler accidents.
  • Motorcycle accidents: Motorcyclists face some of the most significant dangers on the road. Even when abiding all safety recommendations and following all rules of the road, they face the risk of suffering serious head injuries, road burns or death resulting from a motorcycle crash. We do everything in our power to advocate for the victims and their families following a motorcycle wreck in Massachusetts.
  • Pedestrians struck by vehicles: With drivers talking on cell phones, listening to music and committing to many other distractions while driving, pedestrians on the side of the road can be easily missed – even when in bike lanes or crosswalks. We help injured walkers, joggers, bicyclists and other pedestrians recover compensation following an accident involving a vehicle.

Do I Have a Case?

Many injured clients visiting our Westfield, Massachusetts, law office wonder if they even have a case. We can answer that question. At the Law Offices of Moir & Ross, we can go through the facts and laws related to your car accident to see if legal action might be possible. Our lawyers are friendly and approachable, so you can feel free to talk with them confidentially about  any questions or concerns you may have.

Contact us by calling 413-568-1957 to schedule a free initial consultation with one of our attorneys about your auto accident, truck wreck or personal injury concerns. Our office hours are Mondays through Fridays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.